Remote Coaching

I am pleased to offer two different methods of online coaching:

EquiRatings OnForm: For ridden and stable management activities

You take a short video and upload it to my private channel. I feedback and then upload, so you can  watch and reflect.

Feedback happens in multiple ways

  • Voiceover recording
  • Drawing tools to highlight and clarify
  • Frame by frame scrolling, quarter speed and half speed. 
  • Side by side comparisons

I offer 3 packages for Equiratings OnForm Coaching sessions:

I was excited to be interviewed by Gear of OnForm click here for the link:

  • Lessons from a training session can now be replayed

This allows you to really analyse a comment or instruction, aiding long-lasting retention and application. You can revisit the session and continue the discussion with your coach at a later date. You can make comparisons and see your progress over time. No more lost “lightbulb moments”.

  •  Visual playback of your own performance.

Concentrating on riding and learning at the same time can be challenging. This gives you the opportunity to see what your coach sees. 

  • Convenience

No need to try and find a convenient time for us both.  Ride at the best time for you and reflect when you are not preoccupied with other things. Geography is no longer a hinderance.

  Zoom sessions – For group lectures and pony club rallies

Every possible subject can be covered and as an interactive tool and as a means of promoting fun and social interaction between group members it is very powerful and effective.

Groups and I have recently discussed such diverse subjects as Alexander the Great, equine vision, team spirit, Pony Club Camp, grooming ponies, the aids for shoulder in, the value of bareback riding and why people want to win.
Suitable for Pony Club, Riding Club or other equestrian group interactive meetings.


Using Equiratings Onform has been extremely helpful, it has picked up specific details that I might not have realised before and enabled me to focus on improving them. With Dawns help I have also learnt how to better analyse my own riding both past and present.                                                                  Ellie Toms

We have used OnForm with Dawn for our 11 year old. Our daughter has found this incredibly useful as she said it slows things down to a point she can understand. She really likes looking over the videos again and just before she rides. She can then in her own time call to me to video what she wants to send back.                                                                                                          She also feels happy to send videos where the pony is not going so well in order to work out why. It’s quite a two way and comfortable conversation in that respect.  For keen kids who we’d say this is a fab app particularly from a visual learning aspect and Dawn has a brilliant way of explaining things to kids her age.      We love Jelly elbows!                                                                        I.C.

During lockdown training has been extremely hard and being able to analyse what progress was being made was OK but not enough to get through what I wanted to achieve. Having Dawn analyse the videos that I sent was a huge help to boost morale and realise all of the progress that was being made.                    Watching the video back with Dawns coaching eye has seriously helped improve my own self-analysis and linking what I felt during the session to what I am seeing on the video as well. The feedback is of top quality and is similar to what you’d have face to face, videos are returned fast so that the feedback can still be linked to the feeling you had in the session and I can’t fault it. I’m still having the progression, maybe a bit slower than face to face, of learning at home via the app as I would in the session with Dawn on the ground.                                                                                It’s been a huge help since my horse has just come out of hacking into competition work so the support was crucial and provided. I’m looking forward to putting the app analysis and lessons together to see some super fast progress.                       Megan Ellis